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Dear Clients and Friends:

This is a friendly reminder that the new entity US federal income tax filing deadlines for companies that filed a timely extension with respect to the 2016 tax filing year are, in general, as follows, as follows:

·       Partnerships: 9/15

·       Corporations: 10/15

Congress changed the law on partnership and corporation filings. Under the new law, before January 01, 2026, corporations would still have to file by 9/15; thereafter, the deadline would be 10/15. However, the IRS has provided for a six-month extension for corporations for the 2016 calendar year.[1]

You should check, however, that, to the extent there is a state and local income tax filing obligation, such deadlines follow federal.[2]


[1]          See, instructions to Form 7004.

[2]          In general, NYS and NYC follow federal.